The opportunity of healing

We are at a point in history where we have a huge opportunity to consciously transcend the much outdated operational systems we have been used to for thousands of years, to one that is founded in love and that will authentically care for all of our human brothers and sisters regardless of any of the outdated ideologies we've been accustomed to, but we can only do it together. We have to see past all of our righteous learned viewpoints that we've been brainwashed into believing and that have separated us for aeons. We can only save our world with love and togetherness and following any direction that perpetuates fear will only end catastrophically for those who follow it. The reason we find ourselves in this current world situation is that we are finally ready to awaken to love. It's going to be difficult for many people to see, but we are beings of love and we must learn to love each other at all costs. Following any directive that discriminates against people for any reason is diametrically opposing our true nature of love and is therefore not the best solution. Darkness cannot exist in light just as evil cannot exist in love and as we gather in love, we take our race and our world to a new operating system that is founded in love and kindness.

We can only do this if we learn to bring love into our own reality first. We must work on bringing peace to the aspects of ourselves that don’t feel good, regardless of what the story around the feeling is. We must learn to love ourselves first before we can love each other, and we must do it now. When we collectively vibrate from a loving level within, our outer world manifestation will absolutely reflect that love.

We have to take the journey from our head, which is where we've been taught to operate from and where all the issues stem from, to our hearts where all the solutions exist, and as we do it individually we will automatically vibrate with others who take the same journey. Then as we gather in love, the time it takes to heal our issues will be dramatically reduced and our perception of the fear-based reality we've been so accustomed to will change to love. There will come a point in time where our love will be so strong that we will literally create a new beautiful loving world together. The more healing we do individually and collectively, the easier it will be to see this vision of a loving world as absolutely possible.

We are love and now more than any other time in history is the time to awaken to that reality!

why you should attend

A Virtual Live Training or Workshop

  • It's simple to learn and even easier to use.
  • Your stress levels will reduce after attending it.
  • You will learn how to heal yourself and others.
  • You will gain more awareness of yourself as well as having a much better understanding of why you do what you do.
  • You will have more energy and zest for life.
  • You will begin the process of understanding what it actually means to love yourself.
  • Over time, your talents and abilities will reveal themselves to you.
  • You'll feel much more connected to the divine.
  • You'll be more optimistic.
  • With time you'll perceive yourself more lovingly.
  • As you use the energies regularly, everything continues to get better.
  • It only takes a couple of days to learn and yet lasts a lifetime.
Up and Coming Virtual Live Trainings and Workshops
What to expect

After the 2-day initiate level, there is a 63-Day Transformational Training Process to follow

The Detox
Part 1, The Detox - 21-Days

As you start to fill your system with a new higher vibration, there's often a detox that occurs, but nothing to worry about, it shows your system is adapting to the new energy.

The Balance
Part 2, The Balance - 21-Days

Balancing the chakra system positively affects every area of our life.

The Purge
Part 3, The Purge - 21-Days

Once the chakras are in balance, purging them to allow continued energy flow and balance is the next step.

Our Virtual Live Trainings and Workshops

The 5 Levels

Level 1 - The Initiate Level - 2 days training

In this introductory level, you receive 3 powerful attunements, and once attuned to these energies, you will have access to them for the rest of your life. The Initiate level workshop covers the basics of healing, the chakra system, the 3 attunements, hands-on healing and how and what to do next once the 2-day training is complete.

Level 2 - The Trinity Level - 2 days training

Once you've integrated the 63-day personal healing that completes the Initiate level, you are ready for the more advanced and more powerful Trinity level. (A person can take the Trinity level workshop before completion of the Initiate level 63-day personal healing, but the Trinity level energies must not be used before the 63-days of training are complete.) In this 2-Day workshop, you'll be attuned to the much higher vibrational Trinity level energy. An important point to recognise is that receiving any attunement, whether it's Initiate, Trinity or any of the higher levels, is a very powerful healing in itself. The more attunements you give and receive, as well as daily use of the energies, the higher your self-awareness becomes, and the higher your inner vibrational frequency, which will always bring more abundance to your life experience. Once you've completed this level, you'll be able to give attunements and teach the Initiate and Trinity level workshops.

Level 3 - The Master Level - 2 days training

At the Master level you'll be working toward a deeper heart healing experience, as well as integrating the master level energy with the previous 4 energies from the initiate and Trinity Levels. The master level energy, as well as initiating a more expanded level of self-awareness, opens a new portal to a deeper understanding of your own authentic heart wisdom and will also open your intuitive powers and senses. As an MTHS master, you'll be qualified to teach the Initiate, Trinity and Master levels, and most importantly, your own personal and spiritual development will soar. Once again, it's important to reiterate that attending all levels and receiving the respective attunements does initiate powerful healings, but the real power of this system to create permanent and powerful transformations, is in the daily application, and as with the Initiate and Trinity levels, there is a daily process to follow after this level which consists of 119-days. 

Level 4 - The Alchemy Level - 2 days of training

The Alchemy level works on bringing your entire system into a much more advanced level of balance as well as increasing your awareness around how and what you manifest in your life. There is a noticeable amount of physical, mental and emotional healing that takes place during but especially after taking this class. With the 8 powerful healing attunements in this module as well as the one new healing vibrational energy, coupled with the 35 weeks of training following the workshop, a massive healing transformation occurs. Many of your big sabotaging patterns heal and transform at this level of training. A much deeper understanding of yourself and your heart's calling opens during the Alchemy process, and the deeper and more conscious your understanding of yourself, the easier it is for you to manifest your innate abundance. With this higher vibrational energy flowing through you and the consequential personal healing that happens, your ability to heal others is greatly advanced also. The three levels before Alchemy prime the system perfectly so that you are then ready for the massive change that occurs at Alchemy level. 

Level 5 - The Manifestation Level - 2 days of training

The manifestation level brings your understanding and awareness of yourself to a whole new level. You will uncover and heal patterns from the unconscious and you'll gain deeper clarity about what truly has heart for you so you can consciously understand the process of manifestation. New depths of wisdom are brought conscious as you embark upon this deeper spiritual journey. As you work through the system, your awareness will continue to expand and at this level, with the 2 new energies, it will certainly continue working with you. The training after this level is 1 year in length.

Level 6 - Shadow Integration Technology - 2 days of training

The SIT level is taking our transformational journey to a whole new level and to work at this level, there has to be a full understanding of what it means to take full responsibility for our reality.
Shadow is the term that Jung used to describe the negative patterns and beliefs that get thrown into the unconscious when we are young, simply because we are not mature enough to own them at that time in life.
The problem is that these patterns and beliefs are now out of balance and trapped in the unconscious.
If you could look at these patterns and beliefs as balls of energy, you would see that they are repressed and compressed and not being allowed full expression.
The effect of this causal action is that we then unconsciously magnetise to ourselves the very same negative behaviours that we despise in our own outer world.
Working with the shadow is not always easy because the ego doesn't want to see that there is anything wrong with us and so often vehemently opposes any idea that these negative traits that show up around us have anything to do with us at all which is why it is easy to go into blame or denial.
But using the popular notion that whenever there is a problem in our life; we are always there; helps us to realise that we do actually have everything to do with the problem.
The negative situations in our life are always and in all ways manifest from our own unconscious shadow patterns and beliefs.
This work, once past the ego, is extremely rewarding because once the pattern is brought into balance we no longer get to experience its negative attributes - we become completely free from the pattern and it happens instantly once the work is done. There is no waiting whatsoever, the entire world changes for us in an instance.
The SIT Level 6 workshop/webinar will not only teach you how to understand and transform your shadow patterns at the mental level but you'll also have a new energy vibration that will bring forward, heal and transform many of the shadow dynamics.
Healing our shadow is the most liberating experience and opens a whole new world to work through once embraced.

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