It's similar to Reiki in that it's a hands-on universal energy healing modality, but it also differs in that MTHS has only been with us about 20 years and possibly more in line with the consciousness of our race at this time. Saying that, however, Mark always says that the 2 modalities are both powerful and can certainly be used side by side. He feels that MTHS seems more geared toward transforming sabotaging patterns and awakening people to their power, but has the greatest respect and love for Reiki and all Reiki masters and believes we need way more healers than we currently have and so if a person is drawn toward Reiki more than MTHS they should follow that feeling. "Our planet is in dire straits at the moment and we need a lot more healers to help drop the walls of separation that are becoming so apparent, so rather than believing one healing system is better than another, we must use as many as we can to heal ourselves, our beautiful planet and as many people as possible - All authentic systems of healing are needed!" Mark A Karlsson
There is a tremendous amount of healing that happens during each of the actual workshops but the real transformational healing happens when we start to infuse our system with this loving energy each day. We are creating reality in every area of our life based on the vibrational frequency of our field of energy and as we infuse it with love, over time, all things start to get better. Any area of our life that is not working, whether that's at the physical, mental or emotional areas, is due to a lack of love somewhere in our system, so the daily work is essential to heal our own individual life which, once healed, has no other option that to create much better outer-world experiences for us.
We can never guarantee or even promote any type of healing because there are so many factors to be taken into account with a persons healing process, but for sure this healing system does seem to bring much more awareness to the people using it as well as breaking sabotaging patterns within, and of course love has no boundaries and this healing system is founded in love and so as we infuse our system with more love all things have the very big possibility of getting better.
Absolutely not! The energy is an intelligent life force and knows exactly what we need at any given time and also knows what we can handle in terms of our awakening process.
Yes it is a very loving and gentle energy and will only allow the right amount of energy into a child's or animals system. When using on young children or babies, however, we always recommend sending the energy into the aura rather than using the hands on technique as it maybe too hot for them. This information is taught in detail in the initiate level.
No, you can take level one and use that energy only and over time you will get results. The higher levels are literally higher vibrations and so do speed up the process a little but you can absolutely stay with level one forever and still get great results as long as you run the energies on yourself regularly.