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About Us

A simple and yet highly effective way of waking people up to their own magnificent power, thereby creating a life of fulfilment and ease.

Our Vision

The vision of the MTHS Company is to raise the consciousness of humanity by giving an easy and yet highly effective tool that increases awareness, opens up spiritual connection, heals on the physical mental and emotional levels of the body, and ultimately brings us back to love.

We, at the MTHS-TAHS Company, strongly believe that to make the world a better place to live in, we must start by healing ourselves – MTHS - The Awakening Healing System supplies all the necessary tools for the administration of this healing to take place.

About the Founder

Mark A Karlsson


Mark Karlsson was born in the North East of England and in 1989 hating the job he was involved in, working on oil rigs in the North Sea, decided to leave England and go and experience Australia on a 6-month working holiday, not realising at the time that he would not return to live in England for another 33 years. After spending about 3 years in Australia, he then lived in Hong Kong for 3 years followed by 24 years in Thailand. His journey into personal development started in Sydney Australia, attending a seminar called Mind Powers in 1990, but it was in Hong Kong that he was introduced to the world of healing and spiritual development. His passion for more knowledge in this field was born and unbeknown to him at that time, there was a tremendous amount of healing of his own that would need to happen as he journeyed forward. He believes now that if he had have known the amount of healing and recovery he would have have to do when he started this path, he would never have embarked upon it, but is now very happy that he did as it brought his life purpose to him and opened worlds that he never believed in his wildest imagination were possible. It was while he was in Hong Know that the initial steps that would ultimately lead to the birthing of MTHS-TAHS began. He sees clearly now, however, that a great deal of his own healing had to happen first before he was ready and mature enough to share it more authentically to the world.
Now a few words from Mark.

Welcome To MTHS - The Awakening Healing System (MTHS-TAHS).

My name is Mark Karlsson and I am about to introduce you to a very simple, yet extremely effective system of personal empowerment and transformational healing.

Please be aware of how you feel as you read the information on this website because there are many systems of healing and the majority of them are valid and carry their own unique vibration that will attract the exact people that will be able to benefit tremendously from them and so it is with MTHS-The Awakening Healing System, so if it feels warm and inviting then consider coming on this healing journey with us and if not then keep searching until you find your calling because it's very important that you feel a vibrational match to whatever you want to learn.

Since I started initiating people into MTHS-TAHS I have witnessed countless numbers of people declaring that their physical, mental and emotional issues have been balanced and/or healed due to using this healing system. What is also wonderful is that the healing takes place in a non-threatening manner and seems to massively increase people's confidence levels as well as their awareness of themselves and their imbalanced patterns within, which of course, is the prerequisite to healing the imbalances. If I had to give you one main benefit that students report, however, it would be that more than anything else the MTHS-TAHS, over time, transforms sabotaging patterns within a person's unconscious and so life gets better due to them making better decisions and taking better actions for their own good.

Even though this system was brought to me over 20 years ago, I didn't realise its true power until I developed chronic psoriasis in 2011 and after 6 years of suffering, I finally decided to try using MTHS-TAHS every-day to help heal the issue. It becomes clear to me now that I didn't have much faith in my own system when I first launched it, but it is what it is and I'm so happy that I did eventually awaken to its awesome power. Not only did it assist in healing that condition which I'd been told would be with me forever, but my awareness started to grow in such a rapid way and I started seeing positive shifts in my behaviours without any particular conscious directive from my part to change anything. Everything, of course, happens at the right time and now after continuing my daily healing work for over 3 years, I am very aware of the immense power of this healing system and wholeheartedly believe it will attract to it the exact people it can support and help to heal on their own journey.

Initiating yourself into MTHS-TAHS could literally change your life for the better in all areas whether at the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual realm because every single insecurity or challenge in our life is based in not experiencing enough love in that area and once we start to infuse our system with a higher loving vibration regularly, which is what the MTHS-TAHS system does, everything in our life, with time, has no other option than to get better.

MTHS - The Awakening Healing System is becoming more popular and rightly so because it's absolutely in line with what our planet desperately needs today which, of course, is more love between its inhabitants and for that to happen the love must be discovered within our own individual realities first. We cannot love others if we still have issues within our own individual reality that need healing, and this healing system provides that healing in a non-confrontational and very easy to administer format.

With time and application, this healing system will awaken you from your deep-seated behavioural patterns that limit you. We are love at our core and as we infuse our system with love, which is what MTHS-TAHS does, we become conscious of that love and with time, everything in our life gets better. You are a magnificent human being with infinite potential and as you recognise yourself as love, you'll organically move toward doing what you love, which is the prerequisite to real abundance.

It is with love and tremendous respect to you, that I welcome you to MTHS - The Awakening Healing System, a path of self-discovery and spiritual awakening!

May the moment find you so strongly that you have no other option than to discover yourself within it.


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