Shadow Integration Technology

It's with great pleasure that I introduce to you Level 6 of MTHS-TAHS!

The SIT level is taking our transformational journey to a whole new level and to work at this level, there has to be a full understanding of what it means to take full responsibility for our reality.

Shadow is the term that Jung used to describe the negative patterns and beliefs that get thrown into the unconscious when we are young, simply because we are not mature enough to own them at that time in life. 

The problem is that these patterns and beliefs are now out of balance and trapped in our unconscious. 

If you could look at these patterns and beliefs as balls of energy, you would see that they are repressed, compressed, and not allowed full expression. 

The effect of this causal action is that we then unconsciously magnetise to ourselves the very same negative behaviours that we despise in our own outer world. 

Working with the shadow is not always easy because the ego doesn't want to see that there is anything wrong with us and so often vehemently opposes any idea that these negative traits that show up around us have anything to do with us at all which is why it is easy to go into blame or denial. 

But using the popular notion that whenever there is a problem in our life; we are always there; helps us to realise that we do actually have everything to do with the problem. 

The negative situations in our life are always and in all ways manifest from our own unconscious shadow patterns and beliefs. 

This work, once past the ego, is extremely rewarding because once the pattern is brought into balance we no longer experience its negative attributes - we become completely free from the pattern plus it happens instantly once the work is done. 

There is no waiting whatsoever, the entire world changes for us in an instant. 

The SIT Level 6 workshop/webinar will not only teach you how to understand and transform your shadow patterns at the mental level but you'll also have a new energy vibration that will bring forward, heal and transform many of the shadow dynamics. 

Healing our shadow is the most liberating experience and literally opens a whole new world to walk into once embraced.

Cost UK£ 350

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