The Merlin Cleanser recorded Virtual Training

The Merlin Cleanser is a stand-alone energy that can be used as a taster for people not yet familiar with MTHS-TAHS to experience but also for everyone to use regularly to clean their inner and outer world space, which will bring more clarity, balance and a sense of freedom.

If you've been following me on YouTube or IG or coming to my regular talks and meditations, you'll know that I talk regularly on the fact that you are the only thing that is ever going on from your point of view, of course. 

Everything that comes into your field of vision is being experienced by you internally. 

Everything does exist outside of us, of course, but our experience is always an internal experience, and everything we experience carries a particular vibration of energy and, as with all energies, does affect us in some way. 

The MC clears these energies within your own field and it also clears the field of the people or things that you experience within your own reality leaving you feeling clear and more expansive. 

It can be used to regularly clean your own auric field around your own body as well as clean negativity in your thinking, and I find it works instantaneously in almost all cases. 

When used correctly it brings conflicts within relationship dynamics that you're having with other people, into balance very quickly.

I am offering a small 90-minute webinar that will include the specifics of how to use The Merlin Cleanser as well as the necessary attunement and symbol. 

The class is open to everyone regardless of whether they are initiated into MTHS-TAHS or not and is certified.

Once you've gone through the recording, please contact us here to arrange your attunement.

Cost: £30

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