Master Level recorded Virtual Training

After completeing the 63-day healing process that comes after the Trinity level, you are now ready to be initiated into the MTHS Master level. 

When the Master level was first introduced, it was thought to be the final level of the whole system and was initially taught in a retreat setting. Now, however, having 5 levels with a 6th in the making, it seems that the title of Master level is not so appropriate but it by no means takes away the power of this level. 

I think if it had to be renamed it would be called the Heart Initiation level, as the energy asscociated with this level is centred around opening, balancing and expanding the heart chakra and consequently attracting more love into our lives.

You must be certified in the MTHS Initiate and Trinity level before taking this level. You can, however, take this level if you have not yet finished your trinity level 63-day training but I highly recommend only doing that if you're at least half-way through your training.

Once you've gone through the Day-1 recording, please contact us here to arrange your attunements before moving onto day 2 of the training.

Cost: £200

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