Trinity recorded Virtual Training

The Trinity level is the 2nd level in the Merlin Trinity Healing System and as well as massively expanding your own personal energy processing system to allow a much higher vibration, in this level you will also learn how to attune other people into both the initiate and trinity levels.

Attunements are a fast and very powerful way of healing yourself and others therefore you don't have to want to be a teacher to tremendously benefit from this level.

You must be certified in the MTHS Initiate level before taking this level. You can, however, take this level if you have not yet finished your initiate level 63-day training but we highly recommend only doing that if you're at least half-way through your training.

Once you've gone through the Day-1 recording, please contact us here to arrange your attunements before moving onto day 2 of the training.

Cost: £150

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