Manifestation Level recorded Virtual Training

At this level, you'll be well accustomed to running energy through your system. 

Your energy processing system is now broader than ever before and you're able to channel high vibrational information at will. 

Your understanding of how life and your heart are communicating with you is way higher and therefore your ability to listen to your heart and then manifest it's calling is more transparent to you. 

Your manifestation skills will truly jump to a whole new level as you work through this level and your understanding of the patterns that are working with you deepen tremendously, which gives you even more power over what and how you manifest reality for yourself.

You must be certified in the MTHS Initiate, Trinity, Master and Alchemy levels before taking Manifestation. You can, however, take this level if you have not yet finished your Alchemy level 35-week training but only if you're atleast at week 20 or above.

Please note: If you do take the Manifestation level class before finishing your 35-week Alchemy level training, you cannot use this new energy until you finish the Alchemly level training.


Cost: UK£300

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