Alchemy Level recorded Virtual Training

The Alchemy level brings your entire system into balance as well as bringing you much more awareness of how and what you manifest in your life. 

There is a noticeable amount of physical, mental and emotional healing that takes place during but especially after taking this class. 

With the 8 powerful healing attunements in this module as well as the one new healing vibrational energy, coupled with the 35 weeks of training following the workshop, a massive healing transformation occurs. 

Many of your big sabotaging patterns heal and transform at this level of training. 

A much deeper understanding of yourself and your heart's calling opens during the Alchemy process, and the deeper and more conscious your understanding of yourself, the easier it is for you to manifest your innate abundance. 

With this higher vibrational energy flowing through you and the consequential personal healing that happens, your ability to heal others is greatly advanced also. 

The 3 levels before Alchemy prime our system perfectly so that we are then ready for the massive change that occurs at Alchemy level. 

You must be certified in the MTHS Initiate, Trinity and Master levels before taking Alchemy. You can, however, take this level if you have not yet finished your Master level 119-day training but I highly recommend only doing that if you're at least half-way through your training.

Please note: If you do take the Alchemy level class before finishing your 119-day master level training, you cannot use this new energy until you finish the master level training.


Cost: £250

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