The fight between the light and the dark forces.

Here in this reality where we experience polarity in everything as normal; there will always be dark and light forces that seemingly oppose each other, and that opposition will remain intact until an integration from our collective heart centre occurs which will enable us to see the value of both sides which would then result in a complete worldwide transformation. 
Just as the day cannot exist without the night, meaning the 2 expressions are simply different frequencies of the same thing, the dark cannot exist without the light and in this case I'm not talking about the differences in the light spectrum but rather the dark and light forces specifically good and evil.
In truth, there is no competition between the dark and light forces. The separation we experience everywhere only exists because the light within us all has not been brought conscious yet. Allow me to elaborate: think about a dark room that a light is then turned on within it, the darkness is immediately gone without any fight because darkness cannot exist next to light. So in realities where polarities exist like here on Earth, we know that the dark forces are in charge because separation can only exist where there is little light. 
The dark forces know that if the light were strong enough, they (the dark forces) could no longer exist and so they continually work to keep the light dim. In our reality here, the dark forces amount to a very small percentage of the population, less than 1% in fact, but that small amount holds tremendous power due to massive influence over basically all aspects of life that make a difference to the majority and they orchestrate reality in a way to keep the light within the majority very dim so that they can continue to have their luxurious exclusive lifestyles that they are accustomed to. The dark forces operate from the egoic mind which is purely logical and has no value for anything that is centred in love and because of this they (the dark forces) are addicted to power. Having no heart in their curriculum they don't use their power to empower their world but rather to gain power over others in their world. They keep the light dim in the masses by perpetuating fear, disconnection, ill health, poverty, and war and have them oppose each other with politics, religion, skin colour, status and sexuality to name a few of the big ones.
The bigger picture
We incarnate here purposefully forgetting that we are infinite life and love so that we can have an authentic opportunity to experience finite 3-dimensional reality and separation; but it is an illusion because we are infinite beings of love and we will always return to that place of love once this incarnation comes to an end. Every time we come here, and we do come many times, we have the opportunity, whilst in this physical realm, to remember who we really are and where we really come from, but very few have ever accomplished that awakening.  A very small number of people have reached spiritual enlightenment over the years and have pathed the way for others to journey upon but the majority are still in the dark which is what the dark forces prefer because it keeps them in power. 
That is all changing, however, because at this point in history, people of all walks of life are awakening and now that its started it cannot be stopped. As we wake up, we become lighter and light attracts light and as more of us awaken, the collective light gains strength and as it gets stronger, the darkness will need to work much harder to try and oppose the inevitable awakening of the masses which, for those of us who are awake enough, can see happening right now. 
The dark forces that have been running the show for eons here on Earth are literally petrified right now for they know the awakening is happening and they are doing all in their power to stop it but they cannot - it's literally impossible! There is enough light now and it is spreading fast among the peoples of the world, but make no mistake, the dark forces will fight to the bitter end for their survival and they will continue to work to dim that light en masse with their media coverage using fear and confusion porn, but their mistakes and lies will eventually be the cause of their own downfall because as the light gets brighter more of us will see past their lies and deceit. Our awaking cannot be stopped now!
Our human race is waking up and what we can do to strengthen the light is to operate through our own individual lives as lovingly as we possibly can and as often as we possibly can. Yes we continue to do the work that we can to awaken others but being a force of love is the most powerful way to awaken people. The dark forces use fear to keep our light dim, so don't subscribe to any channels that perpetuate fear porn of any kind. 
We must also drop the walls of separation we have within our own individual selves before we can do that collectively as a race. If we harbour anger and hatred within ourselves, we will find areas in life to project that onto and that supports the dark forces. If we're triggered by anything in life then the work is to heal the cause of the trigger within rather than try and change the outer realities. As we do this, we initiate more love and harmony within ourselves and our light gets stronger. Those of us that are aware of our current predicament here on Earth signed up for this incarnation purposefully to be a force of love and light. We are here to raise the consciousness of our planet to one that loves and cares for all life. We cannot do that if we fight the dark forces with their own game of anger, war and hatred, we must realise that the dark forces are playing a perfect part to initiate this planetary enlightenment. The devil is clearly showing his tail to us right now and that will be his downfall but when he falls, we will all love the part he and his cohorts have played to initiate our awakening. We're all in this together because the light cannot exist without the dark, in this reality at least, and once we stop the fight and walk together in love, we bring our race and our planet home to love. We must heal ourselves first before we can truly help each other.
Every morning upon waking, ask yourself this most important question and then live it to the best of your ability: "If I was The Ambassador of love today, how would I show up and who and what would I help?" 
When we consciously help others or life, we heal our own hurts, it's that simple.