If you're feeling let down by life!

If you're feeling let down by life in some particular area then what you have to do is look from a place that will allow you to use the situation as a means to empower yourself. 
You look at what you think let you down, and you realise that the undeniable truth is that it's in your reality therefore it must be what you need. 
The thing that let you down, couldn't have been any other way than the way it was for you, because you experienced it the way you experienced it, and therefore it must only be about you because you're the only one experiencing it as you do. 
It's verified by the simple fact that it did actually happen for you and therefore must be right. 
So if you look at it this way, you can see how life is always trying to help you and the stuff you don't like is the exact stuff in your life that you must heal which is the only reason it's there. 
It's only happening the way it happens for you, for you! No one else knows what life is like for you, so from your point of view, it's all your creation cos you're the only one seeing it the way you do. 
So when you get stuff you don't like, remember it's only going on for you to be able to see the conflict that's actually happening inside of you. It shows up in the physical world to show you the way you are currently creating reality for yourself. 
The work that you do to find harmony will expand your self-awareness and bring more love into your life because inevitably your heart will open due to you consciously healing yourself.
If something doesn't feel good, you're the only one that that is happening for, that you actually know of, and therefore you're the only one who can heal it. 
You start the healing by looking to see how the situation you don't currently like is actually helping you which completely changes your perception and then allows your guidance to assist you positively. 
Once this happens, the solutions will always be positive, and when life is experienced from a positive vibration, opportunities miraculously illuminate our journey. 
Always remember your conflicts are your conflicts; and only you can heal them, so don't give them to other people to heal. 
You signed up for life to be the way it is for you, how do we know that? Because it is this way for you, so it must be the way it's supposed to be. 
With the way, life is for you, make it awesome by healing your conflicts. 
Mark A Karlsson