Which way will you direct your attention?

Perception is reality and therefore if life is challenging us, to get to a better place, we must find a way to change our perception so that reality then shows up in a way that feels great.

It's very easy to talk about this and to teach it but in my own experience, it really has taken me years to reprogram myself to immediately look for a better way to perceive reality when I've been challenged.

There was such a deep pattern of victim consciousness at play and it would be so easy for me to blame outer-world situations, people or events to either gain attention or validate my perceived place in life; which protected me from having to admit I may be the cause of the challenge I was perceiving.

What I've come to realise, even though I still do get caught up in the victim consciousness at times, is that whichever way I look will determine the way I perceive life to be and therefore the way I get to feel, and what I came to realise is that I have complete control over that if I regularly ask better questions of myself.  

'What is wonderful about this situation?' is my favourite question when I'm challenged, followed by 'How is it helping me?' because as soon as I train my brain to look in that direction my entire energy processing system is elevated.

It's easy enough to ask the question especially if I'm already feeling positive but I found the most difficult aspect of doing this was when I was feeling low in spirits due to negative thinking. 

What works the best for me when I'm challenged and can't seem to find a way of seeing the bright side is always to remember to ask myself - 'Does this way of thinking that I'm currently entertaining show that I love and respect myself?' and of course, the answer is always no and that then inspires me to focus on the positive solutions questions that I mentioned above.

Having done this many times in my life now, I am rarely in a place where I need to drag myself from a negative space to a positive one which is why I share this with you because I have a genuine and authentic experience of it working. 

What happened eventually for me, after having to consciously work on getting to the bright side of thinking, was that it started to happen automatically just as in my 'previous life' where being the victim had been the norm.

When looking toward the positive becomes 'normal' a much more wonderful existence plays out for us.

Which way will you direct your attention?