Once we get caught

There's no escaping once we get caught,
The veil of awareness opens and she can never be bought,
She doesn't care about riches, fame or success,
She sees the whole truth and then reveals the mess.


No matter how you try to hide from her,
Maybe running from shore to shore,
She's always sitting on your shoulder,
If this journey, this life, is yours.


You have a choice, of course,
It's the way of our world,
But it'll be kicking and screaming,
Or revealing yourself as bold.


If you kick and scream,
The movie of addiction may play,
But addiction is your ally,
Once the victim turns to pray.


There'll be many a time,
You'll regret being caught on this path less travelled,
Think of the alternative, however,
A brainwashed robot that's eventually shelved.


I salute you my friend, your courage is outstanding!
So don't give up, don't sell your soul,
Deal with what and where you are,
That's your sole role.


The path to enlightenment,
Is most certainly for you,
You wouldn't have read thus far,
If that were not held as true.


There's only you going on, and there's no where to go,
You're the here, now and everything,
And she's caught you already,
May as well be in the flow.


M. A. Karlsson 25th April 2022