How to find our heart's calling.

Surrender is often looked upon as an act of weakness, and at times, depending on the situation, it certainly can be. When using the word in the spiritual context however, it is a definite act of strength. 
Essentially what it means is being able to drop our attention from the mind where all of life’s problems stem from, to the heart where all of life’s solutions hang out.
It’s not easy to do because the mind is where our conditioning about life has been programmed into us, but it’s at the heart level where our authentic self can be found.
Surrendering to the heart can only be done when we bring our attention to where the heart is always beating - in the here and now.
Easier said than done I know, but a worthwhile practice because when we find our heart, and follow her guidance she will always guide us to our authentic abundance.
The first step to bringing our attention to the heart is to develop our awareness enough to be able to recognise what's happening in any given moment so that eventually we'll be able to see quickly when we have too much attention in our thinking and then be able to quickly bring ourselves back to the moment we find ourselves in.
Our mind, being the masculine aspect of our energy processing system, has been in control for aeons, and has tremendous power over our entire system, so there’s no wonder that we will find it difficult to pull our attention from it with sustained success, but we must keep working on it day after day and a thousand times a day come back to now!
Our masculine energy is not a negative energy in any way in fact it's a very positive force within us but not if it's the only force working or if it's very much the dominant force. 
To find our harmony and our true calling we must also have a strong relationship to our feminine force, which we find in our heart centre.
The way to bring our attention back to the moment is by utilising our 5 senses - What am I tasting, smelling, feeling, seeing and hearing.
Whilst observing our 5 senses it's very important not to judge anything but simply bring our attention back as often as we can.
Next we regularly ask "What has heart for me?" And, "What do I love to do? "
We must ask these questions daily and regularly because our whole system will work to get us the answer if the question is posed often enough. 
Everything within us is connected to everything and so when we ask important questions like these without a need to find an answer now but rather a trust and knowing that the answer will come when it does, then we will receive the answer.
Finally get excited about receiving the answer and remember that it is our heart knows what we love to do, never mind what the mind says because he's learned information from our tribe and our upbringing to make sure we fit in, but our true calling will always come from our heart - she holds the answer to our abundant existence but we must learn how to develop a relationship with her which, at first, is not so easy because the relationship we have with our thinking mind is way stronger and the language we use to communicate to the mind and the heart are diametrically opposed, but learning the language of our heart is imperative to live in harmony and abundance.
Mark A Karlsson