Our insecurities are our gifts

When we experience what would commonly be known of as a healing, what has essentially happened is a radical perception change in our view point of something that was once perceived as painful to us. So if we use this analogy to see all of our challenges as opportunities to expand our consciousness then it becomes easier to move through the challenging time because we are seeing from a place that believes wholeheartedly that the challenge is only for our benefit. 
Whether or not we believe in life being eternal or not is, of course, our own personal choice, but for the sake of healing it can be used as an awesome way to help us heal or transform our insecurities.
Imagine if you will, that before you came here, you were fully conscious and knew exactly what you wanted to learn while you were in this Earth reality. You knew which tribe would benefit you the most, which family members and you also knew which personality type you'd need to be able to fulfil your souls desires and play out as much of the karma you had from previous life times with the exact people you needed to do that with. One of the other things that you'd set up would be the exact insecurities you'd need to help you learn the lessons you came here to learn. 
If we looked through these filters that I've just mentioned above; then all of the challenges that come to us would be seen as perfect manifestations to assist us in our exploration to learn exactly what we came to learn. We'd also realise that our insecurities are driving us to develop the skills we need to fulfil our purposes. Our insecurities propel us to overcome them and it's in overcoming them that we find our skills, talents and abilities that we may never have found without the insecurities. They are our guiding angels and once we see that and fully embrace that, we heal the insecurity but only if the skills have been learned already. If not then the insecurity will probably remain hidden to our conscious understanding of self until it's time to be healed. 
We must heal our insecurities though otherwise we can never find any satiety in the context of the insecurity because we'll always be looking for more ways to overcome it. The easiest way to heal our insecurities then is to see them from a very positive light and look for the tremendous benefit's they have given us. What is great about my life because of this insecurity I have? What great talents have I developed because of these insecurities I have? 
Always remember that our unconscious has our back 100% and is always looking to create ways that we'll use to make our life better. Everything that happens to us is always happening to help us develop, and therefore there's nothing wrong with any of us ever, there's just room for expansion that's all.